Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kasut tercabut semasa Convocation day!

Before that kasi tiup sikit debu2 yg transparent ni dan kasi tepukan pada diri sendiri sebab berjaya publish post walaupun dah nk end of the year!!! dengggggggg!!
Maaf deh, lame giler x meng'update', sampai aku dah abes konvo baru nak write down.huhu Pape pon mmg banyak giler aku nak list n share pada korang2 nih. Meh aku nak share citer pasal

My Graduation Day :)

26 Nov 2012
Dear diary, today im very lazy to packing my bag go to Dungun Tganu tomorrow night. I go with S.P Bumi bus at Perhentian Putra.

27 Nov 2012
Now 7am, I go to KL to pick my fren wawa. She from UiTM S.Alam, before that I hang out at my mom office. Clock at 12.30pm, lunch hour. I see wawa at Central Market. She bring a bag drag. Ya,big bag drag n her shoes for konvo. That nite my parent drop we at Putra.

28 Nov 2012
We arrive at 6 am and i call 'prebet' which is same like taxi. I really miss UiTM K.Terengganu, many memories in 3years. Everything not much change. Wawa, Asnida and I stay at Surau UiTM for Subuh, we nap until 10am. After walk in area Uitm, we surrogate my fren car Khalilah go to bus stop K.Tganu. We rush to chase SP Bumi bus to Dungun. You know, we almost left behind the bag coz the stair very small and our bag is big. Wawa actually was omitted also my bag. Then I shout out to bus driver and say my fren still not ride up.It really fun. RM8 ticket Dungun, K.Tganu to Dungun take time 1 hour.

29 Nov 2012
8am all my fren in art & design course walking 500m to Dewan Bakawali to pick robe. Really crowded in all course mix from K.Tganu and Dungun, diploma & degree. That evening, my besties from UiTM Merbok Kedah call an invited we all to hang out at Teluk Gadung. But, we go to Dungun nite market, is very big and all Tganu food sell here. In addiction, can we 'cuci mata' and 'cari jodoh'.hahaha

30 Nov 2012
That day my family come from KL to stay at Rantau Abang Chalet. After take me at Redang Kolej, we lunch in Dungun area. We arrive at Awangs Chalet at 3pm, the place so beautiful to relaxing. So, I do not miss the opportunity to take my pra graduation :))) Thanks to photograper which is my big bro.






Feeling2 like wedding reception pulak kannn. That nite konvoi 2 car go to Kuala Terengganu and eat durian. It so awesomenesssssss :)

Dungun-Rantau Abang-Kelulut-Kuala Terengganu-back-Rantau Abang


My convocation start 2.30pm. I'm so nervous to walk in stage with 4 inch wedges. That day very complicated coz my shoe was torn. So I pin my shoe with lapel pin and I hope my shoe not open again. I don't have time to change my shoe. Alhamdulilah anything went smoothly even in stage to take my scroll.

Kasut ni lah yang hampir tercabut.

The picture of the big day!






Happy Graduation day to my friendsss especially to wahida a.k.a wawa(red) & Khalilah a.k.a Ilah(green)

Surprise from my beloved parent! Siyes ni memang sangat terharu!!

Mati2 ingat gambar xsampai lg almost 3 week I wait but my parent dah siap frame kot. Love u!!