Sunday, January 13, 2013

Future artisan!

Hi!! My lil niece from Belgium and now stay at Ivory Coast, Kamelia Jane & Dahlia Cinta would be an artists yaww.  I'm proud of them. Thumbs upss! Btw, artist is pelukis but ramai yang ingat artist is actor.mehmeh They love painting like me! yay sep sikit :))

Guess what? ant? nop its ladybird laa.heeeee
Mak ayah dia mungkin?

mamy with earring. hewhew

Papy her grandpa

Long time no see..They grow up fast!


Dahlia eyes and lips similar like her mom, Kak Farah ;)

Kamelia looks like her dad :)
Adorable clown

Adorable Dahlia with my sis kat Bukit Jelutong. Ni gambar 2th lepas, aiyoo nape awk comei sgt ha?
Last picture from Dahlia, Muaxxxxxxx!

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